SUSTAINABILITY Lawson Group Purchasing Policy

The Lawson Group*1 conducts a wide variety of business transactions with various domestic and international suppliers*2. Cooperating with these suppliers is essential for us to meet the expectations of stakeholders and fulfill our responsibilities to society.
Recognizing this, we have formulated the Lawson Group Purchasing Policy, which constitutes our supplier selection standards. In addition to our own observance of the Lawson Group Corporate Conduct Charter, we aim to develop a solid partnership with the suppliers who agree with our Corporate Conduct Charter and deliver the highest level of satisfaction to all our customers.

  • *1. "The Lawson Group" refers to Lawson Inc. and companies within the scope of consolidation.
  • *2. "Suppliers" include not only corporations which have direct business relationships with the Lawson Group, but also business operators which are closely related to the business of the Lawson Group although they have no direct business relationships with the Group.

1. Customer Safety and Reliability

Our suppliers must be able to ensure that the quality and safety of products and services are maintained throughout the entire process to the delivery of those products and services to customers. To this end, our suppliers must pay the greatest attention to ensure that: 

  • Information relating to products and service is provided in an accurate and easy-to-understand manner;
  • Customer personal information is obtained, used, maintained, and disposed of appropriately; and
  • Responses to inquiries from customers are given promptly and sincerely.

2. Legal Compliance and Fair and Sound Business Activities

Our suppliers must observe the letter and spirit of the laws and regulations in the countries and regions in which they operate. They also must conduct fair and sound business activities, ensuring that:

  • There are no relationships with any anti-social organizations, such as organized crime groups and no involvement of those organizations in their business activities; and
  • No undue or improper advantage is provided to politicians, or public employees.

3. Respect for Human Rights and the Provision of a Sound Workplace Environment

Our suppliers must respect the diversity, personality, and individuality of their employees and have a preventative and corrective system in place to keep their workplace free of any form of abuse and harassment (such as sexual and supervisor harassment). They also must comply with applicable labor-related laws in creating a workplace comfortable to all employees and take active measures to ensure that there is:

  • No forced labor and child labor;
  • Payment of appropriate wages and control of working hours; and
  • Appropriate occupational health and safety guidelines in place and guidelines to prevent occupational injuries and illness.

4. Environmental Preservation

Our suppliers must comply with laws and regulations concerning environmental conservation and be actively engaged in preventing global warming and other environmental activities.

5. Information Management

Our suppliers must manage personal information on customers and employees, trade secrets, know-how, and other information appropriately and prevent leakage or unauthorized use of such information.

6. Sharing and Disclosure of Risk Information

In the event of an incident, accident, or defect associated with business with the Lawson Group, our suppliers must immediately inform us. They must have processes and procedures in place that allow them to announce the occurrence of an adverse event, particularly an event that may affect customer health or privacy.

7. Building Trust

To develop a relationship of trust with the Lawson Group, our suppliers must:

  • Share the innovative mindset and support our efforts to anticipate and meet the future needs of our customers;
  • Make untiring efforts to develop innovative technologies and improve cost efficiency to deliver even greater value to customers; and
  • Maintain good financial health that enables the stable supply of products and service.

Formulated on September 1, 2010