SUSTAINABILITY Lawson Safety and Health Policy

To promote a safe and comfortable working environment for all, Lawson has established the following basic policies on safety and health, through which we will work together with management, employees, and crew members to promote activities aimed at preventing occupational accidents.

Basic Policy on Safety and Health

  • 1. We will develop an organizational structure to enable the promotion of safety and health activities and clarify where responsibilities lie.
  • 2. Through communication between labor and management, we will take reasonable measures according to the actual situation in the workplace.
  • 3. We will conduct educational activities necessary and sufficient to ensure safety and health for employees and crew members, and work on the 5S principles (Sort, Set in order, Shine, Sanitize, and Structure).

  • 4. In implementing the above, we will allocate appropriate management resources and continuously implement effective improvements.

Established on August 1, 2017