ABOUT USGroup philosophy,Vision and Lawson's Way

Our Corporate Philosophy sets out our purpose as a company. It is the basis of all our corporate activities. Our Vision defines what we aspire to be as a company and serves as a guide to help us realize our Corporate Philosophy. We have also defined our Code of Conduct as a guide to how we should perform in order to better serve our communities.

Group philosophy

Creating Happiness and Harmony in Our Communities


Our goal is to become the hub of refreshment in every community.

Lawson's Way(Action Guideline)

  • 1. Create stores filled with the best smile in town.
  • 2. Speak out your ideas to take action.
  • 3. Enjoy your challenge.
  • 4. Value your friends to become one.
  • 5. Act in good faith.

The Lawson Group Corporate Conduct Charter

1. Basic Declaration

We(*1) believe that fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities while responding to the requests of Lawson Group(*2) stakeholders will lead to the enhanced corporate value of Lawson Group. With a solid understanding of the Charter's contents, we pledge to always act sincerely and considerately with a high sense of corporate ethics while adhering to all laws.

*1 "We" refers to all directors, officers, regular employees, temporary employees and dispatched employees of the Lawson Group (hereafter, regular employees, temporary employees and dispatched employees are collectively referred to as "employees") .
*2 "Lawson Group" refers to Lawson, Inc. and companies within the scope of consolidation.

2. Basic Stance

  • 1. We shall act with consideration towards all customers and are happy to provide them with the greatest satisfaction. Through correctly gauging customer needs and providing appropriate information and socially useful products and services based on giving full consideration to ensuring product safety and protection of personal information, and promptly responding to customer inquiries with sincerity, we aim to earn the trust and empathy of our customers.
  • 2. We shall support Lawson franchise stores, which represent our largest partner. To ensure that we secure empathy for our corporate philosophy of "Creating Happiness and Harmony in Our Communities" from Lawson affiliated stores, we will continue to provide support and aim to build and maintain permanent relations of trust while upholding contracts and promises.
  • 3. We shall conduct fair and transparent business transactions with every business partner and will uphold all laws and contracts. In our relations with all clients (*3), we will uphold related legislation such as the antitrust law, in principle not offer or receive gifts or entertainment and strive to build trust relationships through conducting fair and transparent transactions with sincerity.

    *3 "Clients" include enterprises that conduct direct transactions with Lawson Group, and any other businesses that have close business links with Lawson Group irrespective of direct transactions.

  • 4. We shall respect human rights and take non-discriminatory actions with respect to all employees. In addition to respecting the diversity, character and individuality of employees, we will uphold labor-related legislation, cooperate upon understanding our mutual roles and build workplace environments that are easy to work in and where employees do not need to overwork, can fully utilize their vacations and rest days and not suffer from sexual or power harassment.
  • 5. We shall disclose necessary information to all shareholders and investors so that they can better understand the Lawson Group. In addition to disclosing corporate information as prescribed by legislation, etc., we will communicate the information required to understand Lawson Group accurately, in an easy to understand manner, positively and in timely fashion.
  • 6. We shall take an active approach to environmental protection and proactively carry out social contribution activities as a member of the local community.
    • 1) Environmental conservation
      In addition to upholding legislation concerning environmental conservation, we will actively engaged in activities for preventing global warning and otherwise protecting the environment.
    • 2) Social contribution activities
      We will actively conduct social contribution activities as members of the local community.
  • 7. We shall maintain no ties with organized crime groups and will maintain healthy and proper relations with elected officials and public employees.
    • 1) Disassociating from antisocial forces
      We will disassociate from antisocial forces such as organized crime groups and corporate racketeers and eliminate such forces entirely from the business activities of Lawson Group, and thereby maintain a sound corporate climate.
    • 2) Relations with politics and administration
      In our relations with politicians and public servants, we will not offer favors or conduct any other activities aimed at receiving preferential treatment, and we will build and maintain open and transparent relationships.
  • 8.We shall adhere to internal regulations and various rules while undertaking our daily work to ensure that we do not lose any valuable assets of the Lawson Group.
    • 1) Prohibition of insider trading
      We will not conduct trading in shares and so on based on utilizing undisclosed information of Lawson Group and other companies acquired in the course of work.
    • 2) Management of information assets
      We will appropriately store and manage the company's information assets (*4) and strive to prevent leakages and eliminate improper use, etc.
    • 3) Protection of intellectual property rights
      We will not infringe or improperly use the intellectual property rights of third parties.
    • 4) Prohibition of private use of company property
      We will not privately use company equipment or PCs and mobile phones, etc. that are leased by the company.

      *4 "Information assets" refer to information handled in the course of executing work and includes customers' personal information, employees' information, clients' information, trade secrets, know-how and so on.

3. Consultation and Report Window

Directors and employees of Lawson Group that find out about infringements or suspected infringements of this Charter, laws or internal rules shall report and discuss such information according to the rules prescribed in each company. In cases where for one reason or another it is deemed inappropriate to conduct routine reporting or consultation, the following consultation window can be used. Persons seeking consultation or reporting information will in no way incur any disadvantage through so doing.
Lawson Group external consultation window (a female lawyer may also be nominated) The Lawson Group external consultation window does not disclose any information that may identify consulting persons, for example, name or affiliated department, to companies that are the subject of reported information. In cases where it is necessary to disclose information concerning the consulting person for purposes of internal investigation, consent will first be obtained from that person without fail. Moreover, steps will be taken to ensure that consulting persons cannot be identified by taking steps such as simultaneously conducting investigations in multiple departments including the department concerned.

4. Operating Structure

  • 1. Reference destinations
    Any questions or inquiries concerning the provisions in this Charter should be directed to the Compliance & Risk Management Office and Legal Affairs, General Affairs Office of Lawson, Inc.
  • 2. Disciplinary actions
    In cases where persons are found to have infringed on this Charter and are eligible for disciplinary action under employee regulations and other internal regulations of Lawson Group companies, they will be subject to the applicable disciplinary actions.
  • 3. Establishment, revision and abolition
    This Charter is established by resolution of the Lawson, Inc. board of directors, and subsequent revisions and abolition shall be handled in the same manner.

Established on March 1, 2008