SUSTAINABILITY Relationship with Suppliers

Supplier Hotline

Establishment of a Dedicated Hotline for Suppliers

Lawson has established and is operating a dedicated hotline for our valued suppliers to receive consultations and reports from them and their employees.

Who can use the hotline

Directors, employees, and non-regular employees (including retirees) of Lawson Group companies' suppliers

Content of consultations

Consultations covering the following matters related to transactions with Lawson Group companies:

  • Violations of laws and regulations
  • Deviations from the Lawson Group Corporate Conduct Charter or other policies established by Lawson
  • Violations of contracts
  • Human rights violations
  • Corruption
  • Other deviations from ssocial ethics

How to contact us

Call or send us an e-mail.

TEL: 0120-06-6307

Email Address:

Handling of consultations/whistleblowing and subsequent response

  • The content of the consultation or whistleblowing is communicated to the Lawson Hotline Office (located within the Legal Department) by the company to which the contact point service has been outsourced.
  • Based on the content of the consultation or whistleblowing, an investigation of the facts will be conducted. If corrective measures are required, the Hotline Office will take the lead in taking appropriate action.

Handling of personal information

  • Personal information such as company name, name, and contact information of the informant will be used only for the purpose of carrying out investigations and providing a response, and will not be used for any other purpose.
  • The information will not be disclosed or posted to any third party other than the outsourced service provider, without the consent of the informant. If it is necessary to disclose the informant's information for the purpose of investigation, we will obtain the consent of the informant before doing so.
  • The personal information of the informant will be appropriately managed by the outsourced service provider and the Hotline Office.


  • Neither the informant nor the company where the informant works will be treated unfairly by Lawson Group companies as a result of using the Hotline.
  • Whistleblowing reports can also be made anonymously through this service. However, in such cases, it may be difficult to confirm the facts due to the limited scope and methods of investigation.
  • We do not accept reports for any improper purpose (e.g., false reports, slander and libel, obstruction of business, or attempts to gain unfair advantage).