SUSTAINABILITY Community Relations

Basic Approach

The Lawson Group is committed to making the communities in which we live and work happy based on the Group's philosophy: "Creating Happiness and Harmony in Our Communities." In line with this philosophy, each and every Lawson Group store is involved in activities to bring happiness to communities, something which is linked to the idea of leaving no one behind, one of the principles of the SDGs. We will continue to think seriously about what we can do for our customers, our communities, and the Earth, and will work together with our franchise store owners and the entire Group to solve social issues in order to help build the kind of world envisioned by the SDGs.

Promotion of Collaborative Community Projects in Partnership with Local Governments: Signing of Comprehensive Agreements

To create "new hubs of refreshment in every community" in pursuit of new ways to provide convenience, from fiscal 2022 Lawson is strengthening its system to thoroughly pursue the creation of customer value at sites closer to customers, based on the strategic concept of "community based × individual customer and individual store-focused." We established the Hokkaido Company and the Kinki Company as leading areas to grasp the characteristics of each area and quickly respond to changes in customers and communities, with the aim of developing closer ties with local communities.
As part of its efforts to promote closer ties with local communities, Lawson has concluded comprehensive agreements with local governments throughout Japan and collaborates with them on projects to revitalize their communities and create more comfortable environments for local residents. Through these comprehensive agreements with local governments, we actively promote a variety of community contribution activities, including the operation of stores that are closely connected to the local community, the development of products that take advantage of local ingredients, support for welfare and childcare, promotion of tourism, and disaster countermeasures. In addition, we are developing antenna shops in cooperation with some local governments. Through the power of our network of Lawson stores throughout Japan, we will continue to invigorate communities throughout the country by contributing to regional revitalization through the active sale of products that use local ingredients.

● Comprehensive agreements concluded (as of July 31, 2022) 66 local governments (45 prefectures, 21 municipalities)

Name of local government Date of agreement Tourism & PR Prefectural products & food Welfare & childcare Environmental contribution Crime prevention & youth Disaster preparedness
Hokkaido 2008.02.21
Aomori 2008.12.15
Iwate 2008.06.23
Miyagi 2009.07.27
Akita 2009.10.26
Yamagata 2010.11.08 (2008.05.30)
Fukushima 2010.05.10
Sapporo City 2010.03.18
Asahikawa City 2014.03.11
Sapporo Collaboration Hub City Park
(12 municipalities including Sapporo)
Hakodate City 2019.11.22
Sendai City 2022.06.06
Name of local government Date of agreement Tourism & PR Prefectural products & food Welfare & childcare Environmental contribution Crime prevention & youth Disaster preparedness
Ibaraki 2013.11.08
Tochigi 2011.04.26
Gunma 2012.09.13
Saitama 2008.06.30
Chiba 2010.05.12
Niigata 2009.09.09
Yamanashi 2008.06.24
Nagano 2007.09.19
Yokohama City 2009.05.21
Name of local government Date of agreement Tourism & PR Prefectural products & food Welfare & childcare Environmental contribution Crime prevention & youth Disaster preparedness
Toyama 2006.08.09
Ishikawa 2008.11.27
Fukui 2007.03.07
Gifu 2009.03.31
Shizuoka 2008.09.22
Aichi 2009.10.05
Mie 2006.04.24
Name of local government Date of agreement Tourism & PR Prefectural products & food Welfare & childcare Environmental contribution Crime prevention & youth Disaster preparedness
Shiga 2015.03.26
Kyoto 2014.01.23
Osaka 2009.07.07
Hyogo 2009.05.27
Nara 2014.04.14
Wakayama 2003.08.01
Kobe City 2014.03.10
Kyoto City 2021.11.01
Name of local government Date of agreement Tourism & PR Prefectural products & food Welfare & childcare Environmental contribution Crime prevention & youth Disaster preparedness
Tottori 2006.05.01
Shimane 2009.03.13
Okayama 2011.02.08
Hiroshima 2012.07.12
Yamaguchi 2011.09.26
Tokushima 2006.12.04
Kagawa 2008.03.13
Ehime 2012.02.21
Kouchi 2007.10.31
Name of local government Date of agreement Tourism & PR Prefectural products & food Welfare & childcare Environmental contribution Crime prevention & youth Disaster preparedness
Fukuoka 2013.03.13
Saga 2006.09.30
Nagasaki 2008.07.09
Kumamoto 2007.12.17
Oita 2007.05.09
Miyazaki 2007.06.04
Kagoshima 2007.09.14
Okinawa 2007.07.10
Kitakyushu City 2015.08.25
Fukuoka City 2011.04.22
Kumamoto City 2012.11.21

● Main Initiatives in Comprehensive Agreements with Local Governments

  • Promotion of tourism and PR

    Placement of prefectural PR magazines and flyers with tourism information, etc.

  • Expansion of sales of local products and foodstuffs

    Development of "local production for local consumption" products using local products and ingredients, and promotion of local production for local consumption as a concept

  • Welfare and childcare support

    Provision of hot water for infant milk, sales of products from nursing homes, etc.

  • Environmental contribution

    Efforts to reduce plastic, participation in greening and cleanup activities, etc.

  • Crime prevention and youth development

    Support for children's healthy growth through sports promotion

  • Disaster preparedness

    Procurement of supplies and support for those who have difficulty returning home in the event of a disaster

We are making various efforts to create happiness and harmony in our communities, which helps contribute to addressing the SDGs at our stores throughout Japan.

The Three Promises, the Lawson Group's philosophy and business policy, help us contribute to addressing the SDGs and lead to happiness and harmony in our communities. Here are some examples of activities to create happiness and harmony in our communities being undertaken at our stores across Japan.

Children experience working at the store as a venue for interacting with children in the community!

Healthcare West Japan Branch Drug Hikari Takoyakushi Takakura Store
Mr. Hiroshi Murakami, General Manager of Lawson Business
Mr. Yasuhiro Kudo, Store Manager

Since July 2019, we have been holding monthly events for children of elementary school age and younger to experience working at the store. The work experience includes such things as greeting customers at the store entrance and stocking beverages in the refrigerated showcase. One thing that children particularly love is a program in which they actually get to make their own beloved Kara-age Kun and give them to their parents, who play the role of customers. When giving this gift, we ask the children to write a message to their parents on the Kara-age Kun package. It is such a joy for the store to receive words of appreciation when families visit the store at a later date.

Participated in an elementary school class by answering questions in a remote interview

Mr. Ichiro Nagao, Owner, Oimachi Ekimae Store, Shinagawa Branch

In September 2021, at the request of an elementary school, we took part in a lifestyle class and answered questions in a remote interview with the children. Second graders at Samehama Elementary School in Shinagawa, Tokyo, are exploring their community under the theme "Little explorers who love their town - Thinking about the community and the people who work there, and learning that our lives are related to various people and places." However, since it is difficult to have children visit the store in large numbers due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we held a remote interview with three classes, a total of 87 students.
Before the COVID-19 pandemic, we used to accept students for work experience, but this time we engaged with elementary school students in a new way, i.e. remotely. This may be the way of the future.
Everyone had a fun time, with students asking a variety of questions such as, "Where does Lawson milk come from?" "What kind of work do you do when there are no customers around?" and "How do you buy the products behind the cash register?" We were very happy to see that the children who had participated in this class came back to the store a few days later to shop.

Donation of rice balls and other items to local medical institutions

Mr. Tsuyoshi Shimamoto, Owner, Hachioji Dairakujimachi Store, Minami Tama Branchs

From Friday, January 1 to Sunday, January 3, 2021, we donated rice balls, desserts, and tea to local clinics and other medical institutions (117 people at 14 facilities in total)*, with the Hachioji City Medical Association in Tokyo as the contact point. Six volunteer owners took part in this initiative after considering what they could do in the Hachioji area to help those who are making efforts in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. We received words of gratitude and well wishes from all the medical professionals.
Medical professionals are currently working hard to provide medical care, even though they do not have much time off. While expressing our gratitude, we were reminded once again that we must do our best for our community as part of its infrastructure.
*We worked closely with Headquarters prior to embarking on this initiative, and took great care to control the temperature of the products when we delivered them.

■Participating stores and owners
・Tsuyoshi Shimamoto, Hachioji Dairakujimachi Store
・Hiromi Kondo, Nishihachioji Ekimae Store
・Daisuke Suzuki, Hachioji Sandamachi 4-chome Store
・Junichi Tanizaki, Hachioji Azumacho Store
・Kunio Koga, Hachioji Yotsuyamachi Store
・Yukio Abe, Hachioji Naganumamachi Store

Providing Convenience Store Health Check-Ups for helping local community residents maintain healthy lives

Hyogo Higashi Branch
Harmony Limited
Mr. Tomoyasu Fukui

Since 2014, we have used parking lots of our three stores in Amagasaki City to provide Convenience Store Health Check-Ups. The health check-ups are held twice a year. 20-50 people receive the service per health check-up. The number of persons receiving the service has increased year after year. Also, based on the request from residents nearby the stores, we provide lectures at health seminars. I have owed my community residents many obligations. Therefore, I feel pleasure in repaying them through LAWSON stores. To keep every community member healthy, we will work on these initiatives.

Visiting an elementary school for moral education classes

Fukuoka Higashi Branch S.P Co., Ltd.
Management Owner
Mr. Hidenori Takayanagi

Based on the request from an elementary school nearby our store, I communicate the importance and value of observing rules during moral education classes from the position of management. With interactive communication in mind, I have the classes about shoplifting and tell children why shoplifting is bad and what shoplifters and their related people will face as a result of shoplifting. Now, our Store Manager takes the lead in participating in the classes, resulting in developing our employees at the place for contributing to local communities. I am very thankful. I think that our lectures would make LAWSON stores closer to children.

Testimonials from children

Mobile sales services that allow community residents to go shopping conveniently

Kita Tama Branch, Ome Higashiome 4-chome Store, Owner
Mr. Hitoshi Saito

Lawson signed an agreement with Ome City, Tokyo for improvements in shopping environment. Based on the agreement, we carry and sell about 300 kinds of products such as food products and daily necessities on a mobile sales service truck. On Wednesday and Friday each week, we drive the truck to visit 10 places in Nariki District where it is located in a hilly and mountainous area. We are happy to provide these services because we had considered what we would be able to do for the customers who felt inconvenient for shopping. We had an impressive thing on a snowy day when we cancelled the mobile sales services firstly because of snow. We checked the sales locations and found that snow was removed politely at all the locations. We will continue to take on the challenges that make people including customers and persons involved in local governments and neighborhood associations happy, with keeping in mind that the origin of business is peddling.

Owner Mr. Saito (center) and store staff

Making communities and customers happy through monthly cleanup and product delivery

Aomori Nishi Branch, Hirosaki Kuniyoshi Store, Store Manager
Ms. Naoko Funamizu

Since opening of our store, we have cleaned the area within 2 kms of the store once in a month and picked up all trash off from roadsides to fields. We carry out the cleanup without wearing uniforms, but some customers are aware of us and talk to us. We are very happy. There are no supermarkets within 10 kms of our store. Our store is the shopping place closest to local residents. We drive a delivery car to deliver products to day service centers three times in a month. Many people look forward to our visit, so we find it rewarding and want to concentrate more on the delivery. To realize our store philosophy “We appreciate and thank everything,” all of us will always do our best.

Ms. Funamizu (left), the Store Manager, and Ms. Kawasaki, a crew, in front of a delivery vehicle

Examples of stores that received the Franchise Store SDGs Awards for FY2021

The first convenience store certified by the city for hiring women!

Doto Branch Kitami Hikarino Store
Mr. Kazuyoshi Nakahashi Owner

We have proactively hired women as store managers, leader crew members, and fantasistas, and we have been certified by Kitami City as a “Kitami Work-Life Balance Certification Office System” We have also realized discount sales of products that are close to their sell-by date through suggestions from women. We also collect refill packs for detergents, etc., and cooperate in collecting cardboard boxes and empty cans to support the employment of people with disabilities.

Supporting independence in working life through the employment of people with disabilities

Sapporo Kita Branch Hitsujigaoka Tembodaimae Store
Mr. Naoki Matsuoka Management Owner (MO)

We employ people with communication disabilities to support the independence of people with disabilities in their work lives. While we emphasize finding tasks and things they are good at, we are also educating them on how to deal with difficult tasks.The receptiveness of the employees working together has increased, and a culture of praising, acknowledging, and appreciating has been fostered, and as a result, it has contributed to an improvement in employee retention rate.

Cooperating with a Social Welfare Council to support local life through mobile sales

Saitama Kita Branch Fukaya Hanzawa Shinden Store
Mr. Takeshi Ishimaru Owner

In cooperation with the Social Welfare Council, we have started mobile sales that are closely linked to the local community, and we also serve as guardians. This is also used by local residents, especially the elderly. We can know their needs since we can communicate more closely with customers there than at stores. In addition, we are also delivering boxed meals to those who are recuperating at home due to COVID-19.

Realization of barrier-free minds through vocational training for people with disabilities

Saitama Higashi Branch Koshigaya Omanocho 2-chome Store
Mr. Kenya Ichikawa Owner

We implemented vocational training for people with disabilities to promote the employment of people with disabilities. We have created an original work schedule that takes into account the individuality of each person, such as having cash registers for wheelchair users, having others do stocking and making FF*. They serve customers with wonderful smiles and accurately stock items. By working with them, the hospitality spirit of the crew is also enhanced.

* FF:Fried foods

Participating in various activities, such as attending dementia supporter training course

Aichi Minami Branch Higashiura Odai Park-mae Store
Mr. Yoji Matsuya Owner
Mr. Takeshi Nishii (photo) Store Manager

Many of our regular customers are elderly, so we adjusted our shifts to acquire the correct knowledge and understanding of dementia, and a total of 10 people attended the dementia supporter training course. As a result, we were able to create a store where conversations with customers increased and customers could use our services with peace of mind. Additionally, we are working on various activities such as accepting workplace experiences and cleaning around the store.

Implemented discount sales to reduce food loss and increase sales

Hiroshima Higashi Branch Mihara Minami Store
Mr. Toru Sakamoto Owner

In these days when the problem of food loss is being called out, we are thinking about what we can do by ourselves, and we are working on discount sales at all of the stores that we run. We set detailed discount rules for each category, price range, and time period, and guide customers by posting handwritten notices. While it took time to get all the crew members to learn the operation, it not only reduced food loss, but it also expanded the product lineup and increased sales.

Weekly mobile sales in cooperation with local homes for the elderly

Yamaguchi Branch Sanyoonoda Habu Store
Ms. Kazue Furutoyo MO
Mr. Kimiaki Yoshimura (photo) Acting MO

We are conducting mobile sales at two homes for the elderly in order to respond to the roles required by the community. Every week, I feel rewards when I see residents waiting with smiles and anticipation. There were some difficulties, such as preparing the products that each person requested and the consideration we took for people with physical disabilities, but it is also an important experience that we can use in our work in the store.

Cutting milk cartons from MACHI café, washing them and donating them to nearby elementary schools

Kagawa Branch Takamatsu Bancho 3-chome Store 5 Stores
Ms. Emiko Waki Owner

Thinking of ways to contribute to the environment, we began cutting, washing, and storing MACHI café milk cartons at our five stores, and donating them to nearby elementary schools. It seems that elementary schools exchange milk cartons with school toilet paper. Elementary school teachers visited the store and expressed their gratitude, and the children also sent heartwarming messages.

Using mobile sales to call out for local crime prevention

Ehime Higashi Branch Saijo Hiuchi Store
Mr. Tomoaki Fujita Owner

In response to a request from a police station, we implement calls for activities such as crime prevention, traffic safety and fraud prevention in our mobile sales. We use an external speaker on the vehicle to play an automated voice that calls attention to crime prevention, and we call out to each person who comes to shop while handing out reflectors and crime prevention leaflets. This provides an opportunity to talk with customers, and it leads to raising the awareness of local residents.

Promotion of crime prevention activities in collaboration with local governments beyond chain store boundaries

Ehime Nishi Branch Matsuyama Yougo Higashi 5-chome Store
Mr. Hiroshi Fujisaki MO

I have served as the chairman of the Late-Night Business Store Crime Prevention Association for 10 years. I work with local police to conduct crime prevention drills, inspect crime prevention systems, and take measures to prevent juvenile delinquency. We devote our energy to create communities with safety and security and for the sound development of industry, such as by building a “convenience store police officer system”, in which police officers stop by stores and offer crime prevention consultations.

Examples of stores that received the Franchise Store SDGs Awards for FY2020

Local children and teachers are happy with our efforts

Matsumoto Branch/Matsumoto Sasabe Store
Mr. Yasumasa Momose Owner

Utilizing milk cartons as toilet paper

We heard that if you collect milk cartons, you can exchange them for toilet paper to be used at school, so we wash and dry the milk cartons used at MACHI café and donate them to the local elementary school. A little effort can make people happy, so we are continuing this activity hoping that other stores will also follow suit. We have been doing this for almost a year and have donated about 2,000 packs.

Our crew was touched by the "thank you" from our customers

Tokyo Higashi Branch/Tabata 6-chome Store
Ms. Sachiko Tamaru Owner

Bringing joy to children who have lost their fun due to the COVID-19 pandemic

In order to help children and their parents with high stress levels caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we planned an event to distribute coloring sheets printed out on a copy machine to elementary school children and younger. If the children brought them back, we would give them side dish croquettes and soap bubbles. A nearby restaurant sponsored the event and paid half the cost of the bubbles, and we announced the project on posters in our store.

We have been working on various projects together with people in the community

Yamanashi Branch/Minami-alps Sangun Store
Ms. Miwa Mukawa Store Manager

From a woman's unique perspective, supporting the future of local children

We delivered lunches with the teacher's name on them when there was a field trip at a nursery school. For elementary schools, we shared our store's restrooms and parking lot during events. For junior high school students, we accepted students for work experience and provided on-site classes. We delivered beverages at the sports festival for high schools and participated in the food stalls at the cultural festival. As such, we employ women's unique viewpoints to contribute to our community closely.

Every year after each class, we receive a thank you report from all the students

Kishiwada Branch/Kawachinagano Mikkaichi Ekimae Store
Mr. Kimio Sato Owner

Providing on-site lessons to elementary schools for 17 years so that students can learn about the environment through Lawson

For seventeen years in a row, we have been providing third-grade elementary school students with on-site classes and store tours. We talk about the Lawson Group’s philosophy, store mechanisms such as the ordering system, and social contribution activities including fund-raising and recycling activities in the classes. We hope that our activities will continue to encourage children to think about the environment.

Hearing "Thank you for your hard work" from our customers encourages us more than anything

Mr. Yasuhiro Nakano Owner
Osaka Chuo Branch/Dotonbori Store

Practicing beautification and revitalization projects to make our community safe and secure

We regularly carry out beautification activities in the Dotonbori shopping district and the local Jizou shrine. We also take the lead in creating a safe and secure community by providing guidance on illegal signboards and raising awareness about abandoned bicycles, etc. in the presence of the construction bureau, police, and ward office. We are also planning to revitalize the shopping district, which is struggling due to the pandemic.

Going forward, we hope to visit facilities for the disabled and elderly

Mr. Chikara Toyoshima Owner
Okayama Nishi Branch/Kurashiki Fukuda Store

Presenting rice balls and original sweets to local school children

In 2020, when Lawson Headquarters distributed rice balls to after-school childcare facilities, we quickly addressed the shortage of rice balls, made them in the kitchen and then delivered them. After this, we started to receive orders for rice balls from the childcare facilities. In return, we donated about 10 cases of snacks for the children during summer vacation and Christmas.

Learning with the children that "Separate and you get resources, mix and you get garbage"

Miyagi Minami Branch/Watari Yamamoto Store
Mr. Muneyuki Yusa Owner

Contributing to local communities through traffic safety, beautification activities, and environmental measures

Since March 1997, we have been working as a traffic warden for one hour twice a month to help children and elderly people cross the street. We also regularly pick up trash along the national highway 500 meters north and south of the store. All the proceeds from the recyclable garbage that we separate at the store are donated to the town's elementary and junior high schools, half each.

The mobile sales serve as a place for local residents to check on their safety and socialize

Ehime Higashi Branch/Saijo Hiuchi Store
Mr. Tomoaki Fujita Owner

We provide mobile shopping services to people who live in the region where shopping is inconvenient

We have expanded our mobile sales, originally conducted only at the construction sites of electric power companies, to areas where shopping is inconvenient and to two nursing homes. In cooperation with local citizens' committee members, we sell daily delivered food, beverages, confectionaries, and bakery items to elderly customers with reduced mobility. We are contributing to the community through mobile sales.

The words "Thank you for always coming" from our customers are very encouraging

Kanagawa Higashi Branch/Zuyoshindo Nagae Store
Mr. Akikazu Shibata Owner

Practicing errand-running during our mobile sales at elderly facilities

We visit elderly people's facilities with our mobile sales vehicle to sell our products. Since there are many customers in wheelchairs, we try to make it easier for them to purchase products that can be stored at room temperature by placing them on tables. By having the owner and store manager visit the facilities together, we can listen to the customers' needs and try to respond to their requests as much as possible.

We feel connected to our community when our customers say, "Thank you for your hard work"

Keihanna Branch/Kameoka Umahori Store
Mr. Masaaki Yamauchi Owner

Creating a store that is useful to the community as well as a place for learning

We accept second-year junior high school students for a three-day work experience program. The students spend five hours a day working at our convenience store, and each time they are delighted, telling us, "It was a good experience." Through these activities, we have strengthened our ties with local junior high schools. We also participate in daily cleanup activities around nearby houses and regular cleanups of the river and shopping area.