STORESStores in Japan

Creating Happiness and Harmony in Our Communities

We reaffirmed our Group Philosophy, which is our starting point.
We will realize a state in which "whatever you want, whenever and wherever you need it" as the maximum contribution by a company that coexists with the local community.
Lawson believes that sustainable earnings growth and ongoing social contributions through our business are critically important.
Pursue our Group Philosophy "Creating Happiness and Harmony in Our Communities," build stronger relationships with customers, franchise owners, store crew (part-time and temporary workers), employees, and the community including the environment, and continuously improve the quality of our corporate governance.
We believe that these practices lead us to realize sustainable earnings growth and raise our corporate value.

The Number of Stores in Japan

14,601 as of Mar. 2023 678 1,168 4,674 2,653 622 944 1,648 2,214