SUSTAINABILITY Relationship with Suppliers

Maintaining a Fair Relationship

Promotion of Fair Purchasing Practices

In order to build relationships of trust with its suppliers, Lawson has established "The Lawson Group Corporate Conduct Charter" and "Lawson Code of Ethics", which stipulate that we conduct fair and transparent purchasing with sincerity and good faith. We are making efforts to educate those in charge of purchasing so that they will not take advantage of their superior position for coercive actions. Training is provided at the time of appointment as AMD (Assistant for Product Development) and ARFC (Assistant for Store Development), and is also covered in e-learning programs for all employees.

Initiatives Taken with Suppliers to Implement the Lawson Group Purchasing Policy

Our raw material suppliers are located throughout the globe, meaning that customers are increasingly concerned about the origin and quality of our products. As such, it is our duty to enhance our compliance and risk management systems throughout the entire supply chain. In order to fulfill this social responsibility, the cooperation of our suppliers is indispensable. To this end, the Lawson Group has established the "Lawson Group Purchasing Policy", and promotes purchasing from suppliers who agree with this policy.

The global environment is facing major problems, such as abnormal weather, the depletion of natural resources, and a crisis in biodiversity. In addition, various issues that hinder the sustainable development of society, such as human rights and labor issues, are also becoming apparent. Therefore, in October 2020, we established the Procurement Policy with the aim of ensuring a supply chain that is sustainable for the global environment and society, and we are committed to sustainable procurement.

We also conduct questionnaire surveys of our suppliers to identify problems and issues in our business relationships. In addition, as part of our efforts to understand the status of the entire supply chain, in these supplier questionnaires, we also ask suppliers about their awareness of issues and the status of their efforts in relation to the Lawson Group Purchasing Policy and the Lawson Group Human Rights Policy. The results of these surveys are reported to management every year, and feedback is provided at divisional meetings and training sessions. We also provide feedback to suppliers who have sent us questionnaires, and present them with the Lawson Group's suggestions for measures for improvement.
In addition, we conduct audits twice a year at the factories of our suppliers who manufacture our original products. We use the opinions and audit results we receive from our suppliers to review and improve our compliance and risk management systems, and to identify the causes of problems and formulate countermeasures to solve them in cooperation with our suppliers. What is more, we conduct an annual questionnaire on global warming prevention, and use the results of the questionnaire to understand the amount of CO2 emissions and other issues present in our supply chain.

Feedback Report

Feedback in the Construction Department

Feedback in the Product Department

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Establishment of a Dedicated Hotline for Suppliers.

We have established a system that allows employees of suppliers to consult anonymously in the course of transactions with the Lawson Group.