Fact Sheet

Lawson, Inc.

  • Market: Tokyo
  • Symbol: 2651
  • Sector: Retail Trade
  • ISIN: JP3982100004

Company Profile

Lawson, Inc. is one of the largest convenience store operators in Japan.
As manufacturing retailer based on small commercial areas, the Company had approx. 14,000 stores in Japan and approx. 2,900 overseas stores, as of Feb. 29, 2020. The Company has expanded its customer base from young male customers to female and senior citizens in accordance with the nation's demographic trends. Lawson has utilized some formats such as LAWSON, NATURAL LAWSON, LAWSON STORE 100 and SEIJO ISHII to meet the polarized demand of consumers.
Regarding dividend policy, Lawson management places great store on returning a portion of profits to the shareholders, and the Company pursues a strategy that both maintains financial soundness and returns an appropriate portion of profits to the shareholders that directly reflects corporate performance. The Company focuses on optimizing shareholders’ equity from a perspective of mid- and long-term management.
Lawson became a consolidated subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation in February 2017.

Sales by merchandise category of all stores (As of 2/29/2020)

Processed foods : Soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, processed foods, confectioneries, etc.
Fast foods : Rice, noodles, bread, delicatessen items, over-the-counter fast foods, etc
Daily delivered foods : Bakery items, desserts, ice creams, perishable foods (vegetable, fruits and meat), etc
Non-food products : Daily necessities, books, magazines, etc.

Key Figures

Fiscal year: (millions of yen) 2018/2 2019/2 2020/2
Net sales of convenience stores 2,283,621 2,424,541 2,506,970
Gross operating revenue 657,324 700,647 730,236
Operating income 65,820 60,781 62,943
Profit before income taxes 43,590 39,876 30,319
Profit(Profit attirbutable to owners of parent) 26,828 25,585 20,108
Per share data: (yen)
Profit per share 268.16 255.71 200.95
Cash dividends per share 255 255 150
At fiscal year-end: (millions of yen)
Total assets 900,256 1,342,329 1,357,732
Net assets 281,446 281,982 275,347
Financial data: (%)
Return on equity 9.7 9.3 7.3
Payout ratio 95.1 99.7 74.6
Total number of stores in Japan (store) 13,992 14,659 14,444

Major Shareholders (As of 2/29/2020)

Name Number of shares held (thousands)*1 Percentage of total shares held*2
Mitsubishi Corporation 50,150 50.1
The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd.
(Trust account)
4,799 4.8
Japan Trustee Services Bank, Ltd.
(Trust account)
2,654 2.7
NTT DOCOMO, INC. 2,092 2.1
- TREATY 505234
1,804 1.8
JPMorgan Securities Japan Co., Ltd. 1,262 1.3
Japan Securities Finance Co., Ltd. 1,179 1.2
Japan Trustee Services Bank, Ltd.
(Trust account 7)
1,140 1.1
Japan Trustee Services Bank, Ltd.
(Trust account 5)
1,009 1.0
Japan Trustee Services Bank, Ltd.
(Trust account 9)
942 0.9

*1 Shareholdings above are based on the shareholders' register.

*2 The equity position in the above table is calculated after deducting treasury shares.

Distribution of Shareholders by Type (As of 2/29/2020)

Name Number of shares (thousands)
Financial Institutions 17,326 17.3
Securities companies 3,306 3.3
Other domestic entities 53,606 53.4
Foreign entities 17,401 17.4
Individuals, others 8,421 8.4
JASDEC 0 0.0
Treasury Stock 237 0.2
Shares issued and outstanding 100,300 100.0

* The number of unit (tangen) shares is 100 shares.

Lawson, Inc.

East Tower, Gate City Ohsaki, 11-2, Osaki 1-chome, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-8643 Japan