SUSTAINABILITY Employee Relations

Improvement of Labor Standards, Working Environment, and Other Measures

Improving the Working Environment as a Foundation for Success

Lawson has established Lawson’s Way, a set of action guidelines to ensure that each employee has a clear role and an intense sense of mission and responsibility to advance toward the same goal in line with the Group Philosophy. In addition to the five items of Lawson’s Way, we have also established specific items for each job position, such as SV (Supervisor), MD (Merchandiser), and RFC (Recruit Field Counselor), so that each employee can take specific actions on his or her own initiative.
At the same time, we are working to improve our working environments to enable employees to work energetically and cheerfully. Sound labor-management relations and a safe working environment are essential for employees to feel safe and secure in empathizing with their colleagues, vocalizing their ideas, and enjoying every little challenge. This in turn will lead to higher customer satisfaction, and we hope to make many communities happier through the accumulation of these efforts.

Efforts to Improve the Working Environment

Building Healthy Labor-Management Relations

In order to protect workers, we respect the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining based on free will, as stipulated in the Lawson Group Human Rights Policy. Since the establishment of our labor union, we have worked to build healthy labor-management relations over the years. In fiscal 2020, there were no cases of temporary dismissals.

Respect for Freedom of Association and the Right to Collective Bargaining

The Lawson Union, a labor union formed in 1990, is involved in a variety of activities based on the principle of “achieving a secure life and bright future for our members.” We have established a labor-management consultation forum that emphasizes thorough discussions, and are continuing our efforts to create a comfortable workplace for all. We are working together with labor and management to improve our working environments, which includes improving working conditions and environments, reforming our organizational climate, and utilizing a variety of systems. Matters that will have a significant impact on the treatment of employees, such as organizational reforms or the reorganization and revision of various personnel-related systems, are discussed with the labor union in advance and implemented only after obtaining their agreement.

Occupational Health and Safety

We undertake labor management in compliance with labor laws and regulations. Specifically, we ensure thorough labor management at the workplace and in human resources departments using an attendance system, and check overtime hours and the status of employees’ day off and vacation entitlement as needed. For those employees who may be working particularly long hours, we review their individual situations and consider how best to optimize their working hours.
With regard to wages, our basic policy is to not only to comply with the regional minimum wage, but also to pay wages that exceed this level to all employees.

Creating a Safe and Comfortable Work Environment

We have established a labor-management consultation forum that emphasizes thorough discussions on improving employees' work efficiency and working environment, and are continuing our efforts to create a comfortable workplace and improve the environment through employee participation in organizational climate reform and the utilization of various systems.
To encourage the creation of a safe and comfortable working environment for all, we hold health committee meetings in each district with labor and management representatives as members and consider then implement measures, according to the actual conditions of the workplace. In addition, safety management meetings are held for supervisors (SVs) and other employees who drive cars for company business to raise their awareness of safe driving.
In our stores, we promote the 5S Methodology (Sorting, Systematizing, Sanitizing, Sustaining, and Supervising) and clearly specify operational procedures in manuals.

Status of Occupational Accidents and Efforts to Prevent a Recurrence

In the event of an occupational accident, we analyze the cause of the accident, discuss ways to prevent a recurrence with our labor union, and conduct awareness-raising activities. In addition, industrial physicians carry out workplace inspections and take measures to prevent a recurrence.

Status of occupational accidents

  FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Number of occupational accidents *Excluding commuting accidents (cases) 52 54 48
Number of work-related fatalities (cases)*1 0 0 0
Number of accidents resulting in time off work (cases)*2 13 13 11
Ratio of accidents resulting in time off work (%)*3 0.89 0.93 0.83
Notes :
Number of occupational accidents (excluding commuting accidents) resulting in death
Number of occupational accidents (excluding commuting accidents) in which the employee was unable to go to work as a result of having to receive treatment for an injury or illness
(Number of accidents resulting in time off work + Number of fatalities) / Total actual annual working hours x 1 million hours