SUSTAINABILITYCarbon-free Initiatives

Initiatives Implemented Through Store Operations

Lawson is promoting energy-saving initiatives to reduce electricity consumption and CO2 emissions by the stores and throughout their operations by introducing cutting-edge energy-saving equipment and installing solar panels.

Lawson's Ten Energy-Saving Rules for All Stores

We have established the Ten Energy-saving Rules to help increase the operational efficiency of refrigerators and air conditioners in stores and reduce unnecessary power use. In the course of their normal operations, stores take such measures as cleaning refrigerator and air conditioner filters and using designated air conditioner temperature settings.

All Lawson stores clean air conditioner filters regularly and use specific air conditioner temperature settings
Ten Energy-saving Rules
1 Clean refrigerator and air conditioner filters once a week
2 Keep air conditioner temperature settings at 27°C in summer, 18°C in winter, and OFF in spring and autumn
3 Minimize the time for which doors to walk-in and storage freezers and refrigerators are open while moving products in and out
4 Keep the area around outdoor units of refrigerators and air conditioners neat and tidy
5 Restock summer products that are frozen in-store from stocks that have been refrigerated
6 Restock hot drinks with products that have been stored at room temperature
7 Do not overfill storage freezers and refrigerators
8 Turn off lighting and air conditioning in back rooms and storage areas when no one is present
9 Arrange products so that they do not disturb the air curtain on open cases
10 Minimize the number of times storage freezers and refrigerators are opened

The numbers ①-⑩ in the store below indicate initiatives implemented based on the "Ten Energy-saving Rules" mentioned above.