Use of Eco-Friendly Containers and Packaging

In the area of containers and packaging used for boxed meals, prepared foods, and other items, we strive to reduce usage volumes and actively utilize eco-friendly materials.

Reducing Unnecessary Use

To more effectively utilize finite resources, while ensuring container safety, we have reduced the weight of containers and packaging by using paper and plant-derived materials, reducing the thickness, switching to different materials, or changing the shape.

Plastic packaging weight (index)

Plastic packaging weight (index)

Switch to paper cups for MACHI café iced coffee

In 2019 we began replacing the plastic cups used for MACHI café iced coffee with paper cups like those used for hot drink cups. Although still made of plastic, the lids have openings for drinking that eliminate the need for straws.

Switching to paper containers for all original yogurt drinks

・Changing the containers of all products from plastic to paper (excluding the lids)

・Switching to straws containing plant-derived materials

[Natural Lawson]
Selling boxed meals using paper containers

・ Reducing plastic use by 70% (approximately18g) per container compared to plastic containers

Changing the wrapping materials for rice ball products

・The specifications of wrapping materials used for hand-rolled, directly wrapping, and bundled type of rice ball products have been altered and include plant-derived plastic material. The thickness of the wrapping film has also been reduced. However, these specifications are not applicable to some rice ball products

Changing the wrapping materials used for sandwich products (all triangular-shaped sandwich products)

・Reducing plastic use for wrapping by approximately 0.3g per product in addition to changing the package to a simpler design

Redesign of original cold drink containers

・Reducing plastic use by removing the plastic lids from the containers

Switching to recycled PET material-based containers for chilled noodle products

・Changing the plastic materials used for some types of chilled noodle containers from standard PET materials to those containing recycled PET materials made from collected PET bottles