SUSTAINABILITY Initiatives for Global Environmental Conservation

Reduction of Plastic Use for Packaging

We strive to replace plastic packaging items with paper ones or utilize plant-based plastic to reduce the volume of plastic waste while retaining the taste and quality of our original products. We switched to paper cups for MACHI café iced coffee and others in 2020. Since the beginning, MACHI café has offered a 10-yen discount on the regular price* if customers bring their tumblers to reduce plastic.

* Not applicable to self-service stores

Plastic packaging weight (index)

Some of the Things We Have Done to Reduce the Use of Plastic

Switching to paper cups for MACHI café iced coffee

Since 2019, in addition to hot beverages, we have also gradually been switching our beverage containers for MACHI café iced coffee to paper. The lid is plastic, but it has a drinking spout, so there is no need for straws. What is more, customers who bring their own tumblers receive a 10 yen discount on items on the MACHI café drink menu (excluding some items)*. Through these small steps, we are continuing our efforts to help customers reduce their own waste (paper cups).

* Not applicable to self-service stores

Switching Machikado Chubo boxed meal containers to paper

At Machikado Chubo in-store kitchens, we have switched to paper containers for rice bowl type boxed meals with main dishes served on top of rice (the lid is plastic).