SUSTAINABILITY Initiatives for Global Environmental Conservation

Reduction of Plastic Use for Packaging

In order to reduce plastic while ensuring the taste and quality of our original products, we are working to change containers and packaging to paper or make them thinner, aiming for 15% reduction in plastic containers and packaging by 2025 compared to 2017, and 30% reduction by 2030.

Plastic packaging weight (index)

Some of the Things We Have Done to Reduce the Use of Plastic

Switching to paper cups for MACHI café iced coffee

Since 2019, in addition to hot beverages, we have also been switching our beverage containers for MACHI café iced coffee to paper. Although the lid is made of plastic, a straw is unnecessary because the lid is broached. What is more, customers who bring their own tumblers receive a 10 yen discount on items on the MACHI café drink menu (excluding some items)*. Through these small steps, we are continuing our efforts to help customers reduce their own waste (paper cups).

* Not applicable to self-service stores

Switching Machikado Chubo boxed meal containers to paper

At Machikado Chubo in-store kitchens, we have switched to paper containers for rice bowl type boxed meals with main dishes served on top of rice (the lid is plastic).

Adoption of plastic spoons and forks with holes

In accordance with the Plastic Resource Circulation Act, which went into effect on April 1, 2022, we have successively introduced spoons and forks with holes in the handles and shorter lengths, thereby reducing the amount of plastic used.
We have also provided wooden spoons from January 2023 in all areas so that customers can choose them as an alternative option.

Size of original PET bottled beverage labels reduced by about half compared to conventional labels

We have changed to half-sized labels for a total of six original PET-bottled beverage products, reducing the amount of plastic used for labels by about 50%.

NATURAL LAWSON's refill station

To reduce plastic usage, some of the NATURAL LAWSON stores are carring out a trial of refill station so that customers can buy what they want by amount.
Liquid detergents, personal care products such as shampoo, conditioner and etc.* are available.

* Product may differ depending on the store.

Switching pasta containers to paper

Since 2021, we have been switching some pasta containers which are made from plastic to paper.
By switching the material of containers, we estimate reduction of plastic use by approximately 237 tons annually.

Switching the top lid of salad containers to a peel-off type

In May 2023, we switched the top lid of some salad containers to a peel-off type in Lawson stores throughout Japan (except for Okinawa Prefecture). We estimate this will reduce our plastic use by approximately 100 tons and CO2 emissions by approximately 160 tons in a year. We used to use fitting-type lids (where the container and lid fit together) for salad containers and fixed the lids with tape to prevent them from falling off. By switching the top lid of salad containers to a peel-off type, we can reduce plastic use for the lids and tape, which leads to a reduction of CO2 emissions. We also used to attach paper labels indicating the product name and raw ingredients to products. Introduction of technology to directly print necessary information on the packaging material eliminated the need for these labels, which saves resources.