News ReleaseLawson Revises Earnings Forecasts


TOKYO, JAPAN, 10 07, 2019

Lawson, Inc. has revised its earnings forecasts for the first six months of fiscal 2019 ending February 29, 2020, based on recent business trends. The previous forecasts were announced on April 11, 2019.

1. Revision to Earnings Forecasts for the First Six Months of Fiscal 2019 (March 1, 2019 to August 31, 2019)

Operating income Ordinary income Profit attributable
to owners of
Profit per share
Millions of yen Millions of yen Millions of yen Millions of yen Yen
Previous forecast (A) 365,000 33,500 30,500 15,500 154.90
Revised forecast (B) 369,100 36,700 35,100 20,100 200.87
Change (B-A) 4,100 3,200 4,600 4,600
Change (%) 1.1% 9.6% 15.1% 29.7%
(Reference) First half of fiscal 2018 ended February 28, 2019 351,973 34,485 33,536 17,942 179.32

2. Reasons for Revision

During the first half of fiscal 2019, earnings forecasts were revised upwards due to the favorable performance of consolidated subsidiaries and a review of some expected costs for the store closure of the first half to be accounted in the second half.
There is no change to the consolidated earnings forecast for the full year. We will notify promptly if it becomes necessary to revise our earnings forecast.

(Note) The above forecasts are based on information currently available to the company and are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties. As such, actual results may differ materially from those forecasts.