Corporate Governance

Lawson regards its stakeholders as important and strives to maximize corporate value.

For this reason, it is vital that we enrich corporate governance efforts and enhance the soundness and transparency of management processes through compliance and proactive disclosure.

Basic Approach

We place great importance on the following seven categories of stakeholder, and strive to maximize enterprise value by making LAWSON stores a place where
  • 1. The customer is always made to feel welcome.
  • 2. Franchise owners can feel that they are realizing their full potential.
  • 3. Part-time staff and temporary workers can develop their skills and grow as a result of their own efforts.
  • 4. Suppliers and service providers see their dreams take shape.
  • 5. Employees can take pride in their work and really feel a sense of being useful to the society.
  • 6. Shareholders can contribute indirectly to society and invest in their dreams for the future.
  • 7. Members of customer communities can feel welcome and safe.

Corporate Governance and Internal Control Systems

General Meeting of Shareholders

Detail of Corporate Governance