News ReleaseLawson Bank, Inc. Business Strategy


TOKYO, JAPAN, 9 10, 2018

Lawson Bank, Inc. (“Lawson Bank”), a subsidiary of Lawson, Inc. (“Lawson”), announced its business strategy on Monday, September 10, 2018. That strategy is outlined below:

1.Lawson Bank business strategy

(1)Our corporate philosophy and our customers
Based on our corporate philosophy “Creating Happiness and Harmony in our Communities,” Lawson Bank considers a) consumers, b) franchise stores and surrounding retailing outlets, and c) regional financial institutions as valued customers, and seeks to provide financial services that contribute to convenient and comfortable community (MACHI) living.
(2)Business strategy
Lawson Bank intends to start with the following two businesses, and then considers developing further financial services that are necessary for daily living over the next few years such as offering new settlement methods and products to support asset formation.
① ATM Business: Aim to strengthen our 24/7/365 ATM service functions for individual customers of affiliated financial institutions.
② Retail Business: Provide deposit, credit card*, Internet banking and other services for customers including Lawson customers, franchise owners, and store crews.
*Applying for business registration required, based on an Installment Sales Act in Japan, to offer credit card services
(3)Cashless settlements Lawson Bank aiming to provide
Recognizing that cashless settlement initiatives are of the utmost priority, we are working with affiliated financial institutions to use our ATM business platform to introduce seamless cashless settlement for customers. Our ultimate aim is to help alleviate cost burdens for retail outlets, and create an environment that makes it easier not only for Lawson but for others to introduce cashless settlement as well.
(4)Other financial services
Lawson Bank aims to deliver familiar financial services to enhance everyday living convenience for individual consumers who frequently use Lawson stores and other stores in the community. To that aim, we are looking at providing services including a change deposit service that enables customers to save the change from their purchases.
(5)Development of functions to support regional financial institutions
Lawson Bank would like to work with affiliated local financial institutions to reduce costs and expand product delivery channels by supplementing or substituting ATM machines located in or outside local financial institutions with Lawson Bank ATMs. We are also looking at strengthening cooperation with financial institutions to help them achieve greater management efficiency, such as supporting promotion of joint outlets with Lawson and local financial institutions using Lawson stores.
(6)Building an open platform with the financial community
We aim to use the above-mentioned services and businesses to develop business over the next few years that encourages the building of a new financial community that can seamlessly link customers, affiliated financial institutions, Lawson and other stores.

2.Initial service provision upon launch of Lawson Bank

Lawson Bank intends to start providing the following services to customers from Monday, October 15, 2018:
(1)ATM Business:
① Provide expanded Lawson ATM services through affiliations with more financial institutions.
(2)Retail Business:
① Start offering ordinary and term deposit accounts, Internet banking services and Internet settlement services to individual customers. Start offering ordinary corporate savings accounts and corporate Internet services to corporate owners of Lawson franchise stores.
② Planning to start issuing credit cards for individual customers from January 2019, assuming permission and approval is received from relevant authorities as mentioned.

Lawson Bank is also planning to implement a sales deposit service and a salary transfer service for franchise stores, with a tentative start of January 2019.