Monthly Operations Summary FY2023 (Dec 2023)

Convenience Store Business in Japan



Lawson Business(LAWSON and NATURAL LAWSON)
Existing Stores Sales 103.9%
Number of Customers 104.6%
Spending per Customer 99.3%
All Stores Sales 102.0%

*This chart shows the total sales of LAWSON and NATURAL LAWSON operated by Lawson, Inc. Sales of Lawson Kochi, Inc., Lawson Minami-Kyushu, Inc., and Lawson Okinawa, Inc. are not included.
*Existing stores: Figures of tickets and gift card etc. are not included.



Lawson Group
Opening 27
Closure 18
Total Number of Stores 14635

*The number of stores in Lawson Group includes Lawson, Inc., Lawson Kochi, Inc., Lawson Minami-Kyushu, Inc., and Lawson Okinawa, Inc.

▼ Sales History

▼ Summary

Monthly sales report for December 2023 (issued on January 12, 2024)

The sales result of LAWSON Business (LAWSON and NATURAL LAWSON) in December is as follows*.
Existing-store sales (excluding ticket and gift card sales, etc.) increased 3.9% year on year over the same period and the average number of customers per store increased 4.6% and the average customer spend decreased 0.7% year on year.
The Lawson Group operated 14,635 convenience stores in Japan at the end of December 2023, including 131 NATURAL LAWSON stores and 649 LAWSON STORE 100 stores.

<Sales situation>
・In rice products category, sales of rice balls and boxed meals were strong due to coupon measures.
・In over-the-counter fast food products, sales of “KARAAGE-KUN Fried Chicken” products, “MACHI café,” and new fried chicken products were strong.
・In bakery items category, sales of standard products, sweet bread such as “Chocolate Chip Melon-pan Bread” which is a new product, and savoury bread were strong.
・In toys, sales of entertainment lottery tickets and trading card games were strong.

<Sales Promotion Measures>
Buy One Get One, etc.

Note: Sales of the LAWSON Business include sales generated by LAWSON stores (excluding Lawson Okinawa, Inc., Lawson Minami-Kyushu, Inc., and Lawson Kochi, Inc.) and NATURAL LAWSON stores.