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New corporate slogan for a leap forward in the new Reiwa era.
LAWSON strives becoming a “Hot Station (Best Relief Hub) in Our Communities”

President and CEO, Representative Director, Chairman of the Board
Sadanobu Takemasu

We respond to social issues by honoring our three promises under the New Lawson Declaration while striving to become “every customer’s No. 1 recommended brand.”

Our three promises: “Superior taste,” “Human kindness,” and “Environmental (Machi*) friendliness.”
We promptly identify social problems that our customers care about and society’s ever-changing diverse values, and respond to them in a swift manner through innovations and enhanced product line-up and services. By doing so, we strive to become a “Hot Station (Best Relief Hub) in Our Communities” which everyone can happily visit and find “Whew!” Surprises.
The new Lawson will continue to support and grow with its customers.

* Machi (literally “town”) refers to the communities in which Lawson operates and, by extension, the global village as a whole.

New era, new life, new convenience store—this novelty truly excites us, and we want to share this excitement with all of you. Lawson is committed to becoming a “Hot Station (Best Relief Hub) in Our Communities” through the three “Whew!” Surprises. New era, New Lawson.

[Note: ほっ = Whew!]