Monthly Operations Summary FY2022 (Dec 2022)

Convenience Store Business in Japan



Lawson Business(LAWSON and NATURAL LAWSON)
Existing Stores Sales 103.9%
Number of Customers 98.9%
Spending per Customer 105.1%
All Stores Sales 102.2%

*This chart shows the total sales of LAWSON and NATURAL LAWSON operated by Lawson, Inc. Sales of Lawson Kochi, Inc., Lawson Minami-Kyushu, Inc., and Lawson Okinawa, Inc. are not included.
*Existing stores: Figures of tickets and gift card etc. are not included.



Lawson Group
Opening 19
Closure 23
Total Number of Stores 14624

*The number of stores in Lawson Group includes Lawson, Inc., Lawson Kochi, Inc., Lawson Minami-Kyushu, Inc., and Lawson Okinawa, Inc.

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▼ Business Report

The sales result of LAWSON Business (LAWSON and NATURAL LAWSON) in December is as follows*1.
Existing-store sales (excluding ticket and gift card sales, etc.) increased 3.9% year on year over the same period and the average number of customers per store decreased 1.1% and the average customer spend increased 5.1% year on year.
The Lawson Group operated 14,624 convenience stores in Japan at the end of December 2022, including 131 NATURAL LAWSON stores and 664 LAWSON STORE 100 stores.

<Sales situation>
・In rice products category, sales of rice balls such as “full of ingredients” series onigiri and boxed lunches featuring prolonged freshness and chilled storage were strong.
・In over-the-counter fast food products, sales of new "KARAAGE-KUN Fried Chicken" products and meat buns were strong.
・In "Machikado Chubo", an in-store cooking service, the sales of the standard rice bowl type bento and the bento in which rice and side dishes were placed separately were strong.
・Delicatessen’s sales were driven by items such as gratin and lasagna supervised by a specialty restaurant.
・The number of stores which MUJI products were brought in have been increasing, and the sales of baked goods and cosmetics, etc. were strong.
・In toys, sales of entertainment lottery tickets were strong.

<Sales Promotion Measures>
Suzume no Tojimari Lawson App Lottery. (11/9-12/5)
HAPPY LAWSON PROJECT. “Machikado Chubo” new series. (11/22-12/5)
HAPPY LAWSON PROJECT. “Christmas Campaign”. (11/15-12/26)
“Accumulate stamps campaign” of a popular video game. (11/29-2/27)

Cigarette sales had no effect on existing-store sales on year-on-year in December.

Note 1: Sales of the LAWSON Business include sales generated by LAWSON stores (excluding Lawson Okinawa, Inc., Lawson Minami-Kyushu, Inc., and Lawson Kochi, Inc.) and NATURAL LAWSON stores.